New York Knicks Improve NBA Title Odds after Drafting RJ Barrett

Drafting RJ Barrett is the best sports news to involve the New York Knicks in recent years. We’ll they were fortunate with Porzingis but they lost the Latvian behemoth via a trade with the Dallas Mavericks.

When the Knicks selected the Duke star as the third pick of the 2019 Draft, fans from all over New York cheered and gave a standing ovation. In fact, their odds of winning the NBA title in 2020 improved from +3000 to +2900.

Drafting RJ Barrett has a huge impact on the franchise that’s looking to rebuild this season. In his freshman year in Duke, he averaged 22 points, 7 rebounds, and 4 assists. Also, he shot 45 percent from the field. Most people overlooked him as just a teammate of the great Zion Williamson.

Drafting RJ Barrett

Playing for the Knicks will put the spotlight on him. The nation will be able to watch him play without Zion on his side. In fact, some sportsbook pay per head operators are already comparing him to Dwayne Wade.

Just like Wade, Barrett has a bad shooting stroke going into the big league. However, he can make it up with his athleticism and undying energy. Once he managed to settle into the team, the future is bright for the Knicks.

The next step for the organization is to lure another star into the team. Anthony Davis is out of the running, as well as the injured Kevin Durant. However, there are still some big names in the free agency market, such as Kyrie Irving, Jimmy Butler, Boogie Cousins, Tobias Harris, and Kemba Walker. Some sports betting software operators are already accepting bets on who will sign up with the Knicks.

There’s no better time to be a bookie than now. Although the NBA season just ended, football season is about to begin. Also, it is an exciting time for off-season trading and signings.