Japan Fights Gambling Addiction Before Casinos Open

The Japanese government approved a plan that will remove cash machines from gambling establishments. Also, the plan will try to limit people’s access to casinos and other betting facilities.

The plan comes before the opening of several integrated casino resorts in Japan. According to the plan, prefectures and cities in the country need to create their own measures to counter gambling addiction. Authorities need to take action based on the law against gambling addiction enacted last October.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga said the government wants to create a healthy society through anti-gambling addiction measures. Local lawmakers will create measures based on the basic plan made by the Cabinet.

Anti-Gambling Addiction Measures

According to the best sportsbook pay per head, the basic plan covers three years from the present. Operators of pachinko parlors, slot machines, and other gambling facilities must remove cash machines from their premises. Operators must also ban customers from entering the venue if family members request it.

Horse race track operators must use facial recognition technology to limit the entry of gambling addicts. However, the measures are only requests made by the government. As a result, they don’t have any penalties for those who don’t follow them.

Some measures suggested by the plan include putting up warning against gambling addiction on magazines, TV ads, and newspapers. The government also urges prefectures to create treatment facilities for gambling addicts.

Last July, Japan enacted a law allowing casinos in the country. In addition, the government says it will improve growth and tourism. However, some people opposed the potential casinos because they worry about increasing the number of gambling addicts in Japan.

While there’s no definite location for the integrated resorts in Japan, they will likely open by mid-2020. Among the gambling firms interested in launching a casino in Japan is Las Vegas Sands.